Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the Georgia BBQ Championship is responsible for the strategic and financial direction of the organization. Elections are held each year to fill any vacant seats, with incoming Directors assuming their seats at the yearly meeting held at the Annual Banquet. Directors serve for two years. The position of Executive Director is permanent - the ED serves indefinitely until he/she chooses to step down or is voted out by the Board. There are 8 seats on the GBC Board, as follows.

  • (4) Members At Large, all of whom must be GBC contest organizers
  • (1) Judge Advocate, an active Certified BBQ Judge that is the voice of the CBJ community on the Board
  • (1) Team Advocate, an active cook team member that is the voice of the cooks on the Board
  • (1) Business Advocate, a leader from the business community who advises on issues regarding vendors and corporate partners
  • (1) Charity Advocate, a community service leader to coordinate the Boards efforts to combat hunger in Georgia

All seats hold equal votes as does the Executive Director, who does not vote unless the rest of the Board is deadlocked in a tie vote on a motion. Each year the Board elects officers to serve as Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer & Secretary from the current Board.

For inquiries about the GBC, please contact the appropriate board member via their email address below.

GBC Board Members

Cary BondPresident, Judge AdvocateMaster Judge, Table
Steven EllisSecretaryContest
Jane TomlinVice-PresidentContest
Jeff CampbellGeneral Board MemberCook, Team
Jim LloydGeneral Board MemberContest Organizer,
Tim LivelyGeneral Board MemberContest
Scott SmithGeneral Board MemberContest Organizer,
Jim StancilExecutive DirectorKCBS Rep, Contest Organizer &