Joining the GBC

The Georgia BBQ Championship is a non-profit organization that serves KCBS competition organizers in Georgia. We provide a framework for competition on the state level not currently available within KCBS. By joining together, the GBC enables member contests to magnify the prestige and importance of their individual event in the eyes of cook teams. This means more teams at your contest and earlier signups.

Unlike the KCBS Team of the Year program, GBC does not award bonus points for larger contests, therefore all events are equal within the GBC. Since we only allow one qualifying event location per weekend, member events are never in competition with each other for teams. Our purpose is to help all of our members produce successful events through cooperation, information sharing and multiplication of effort.

There has never been a fee for cook teams to participate in the Georgia BBQ Championship.
All teams need to do to win GBC prizes is to enter GBC member contests and earn GBC points.

Each participating event pays a fee to the GBC and receives the following benefits in return:

  • Inclusion in the Georgia BBQ Championship Tour as a qualifying contest
  • Promotion in GBC advertisements in the KCBS Bullsheet
  • Promotion on the GBC Website, Facebook & social media properties
  • Banquet ticket and accomodations for the annual GBC awards banquet
  • Access to special organizer round tables and education sessions at the banquet
  • Sharing of knowlege and resources with other GBC contest organizers

Contest applications are now being accepted for the next GBC Season


If you are an organizer considering applying for GBC membership, please note the following:

  1. Each year the Tour is finalized at the GBC Banquet the first weekend in February. Once set, no additional events can be added to the schedule for that year.
  2. GBC member events from the previous year "own" the same weekend in the current year. If an event changes their date or fails to re-apply to the GBC, all applicants for that weekend will be considered.
  3. Application is not a guarantee of membership. Any payments received for events not accepted for membership by the GBC Board will be returned.
  4. Current GBC bylaws set a limit of no more than 18 member contests each year, with only one event per weekend.

 If you would like more information about becoming a GBC event, email our Board of Directors.