Team Rankings - Pork

Scores for each contest will be entered into our system as soon as possible following each particpating event. Bookmark this page to keep up to date on the Championship points race! Remember that only your top five finishes count, so if you have already cooked five events you can enter additional contests to attempt to raise your points total. For historical rankings of previous years, see the GBC Document Library.

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Team Name
Ribs Points
[Expand]1Killer B's BBQ7840
[Expand]2Que'n Stew'n & Brew'n9800
[Expand]3Bald Hawg BBQ7790
[Expand]4The Pit Crew GA5790
[Expand]5Smoking Butt Heads5670
[Expand]6Swine and Shine BBQ5655
[Expand]7Yes, Dear BBQ5570
[Expand]8Smoke Me Silly5535
[Expand]9Midnight Burn5520
[Expand]10Sauced! BBQ Team7505
[Expand]11Muttley Crew BBQ4500
[Expand]12Roast Beast BBQ6490
[Expand]13J&B's BBQ6460
[Expand]14Crimson Q5435
[Expand]15Maya Jane BBQ2400
[Expand]16Angry Jack BBQ6385
[Expand]17Smoke on This4380
[Expand]18Waylon's Competition BBQ Team4370
[Expand]19Binge-N-On BBQ4370
[Expand]20K-Town Daddy's BBQ4355
[Expand]21FYC BBQ8345
[Expand]22The Smokehouse Mafia4345
[Expand]23Extra Mile BBQ2340
[Expand]25BareKnuckles BBQ3330
[Expand]26Swine Dining2320
[Expand]27Hickory Prime4310
[Expand]28The Specialists2305
[Expand]29Hold Your Horses BBQ3300
[Expand]31E.T.'s BBQ4285
[Expand]32Sweet Water Bar-B-Que2280
[Expand]33Baldy's Butts6270
[Expand]34Hot Wachulas2250
[Expand]35The Barbeque Depot1250
[Expand]36Hoggy Bottom Boys3245
[Expand]37Bird Dawg BBQ3245
[Expand]38Sons of Smoke1225
[Expand]39Riverside Smoke2225
[Expand]40Rec Tec Grills1225
[Expand]41No Name BBQ (FL)1225
[Expand]42High on the Hawg2220
[Expand]43Runway Smoke8220
[Expand]44Nice Rack BBQ3200
[Expand]45Wolf's Revenge BBQ2190
[Expand]46The Fat Guyz3180
[Expand]47Jarvis Brothers BBQ1175
[Expand]48Old Colony Smokehouse1175
[Expand]49Smart Ash BBQ4170
[Expand]50ChooChoo Train BBQ3170
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